SJP Driving School

Prices for lessons are competitive, even though you might think that you are getting a good deal with a company that offers the first so many lessons at a reduced price, you might end up paying a lot more during your time learning with them, we offer incentives for our pupils.

A flat rate of £23* per hour is charged, this being available in various lesson formats, such as 1, 1.5 and 2 hour lessons, each pupil will have their lesson tailored to their individual needs and requirements - some people find that 2 hours driving is just too long and that 1.5 hours is just enough.

During a lesson the previous lesson topics will be discussed and an objective for the current lesson will be given, so that a direction is known by the pupil and instructor.

We also cover the hazard perception and theory training whilst on the lesson, this is an ongoing learning curve and when using the available CD roms and DVD's the driving lessons can confirm with practical experience the information that the pupil has learnt - making them a competent driver and having continous development in their driving career. 

CALL OR TEXT: 07759 662220 or 07536 021740 :)

* subject to variations in fuel prices.

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