SJP Driving School

 Once you've passed your test you can legally drive on the motorways of Britain.

These roads are known to be some of the safest roads in the country, but can be very difficult to initially master, with all the lanes and faster moving traffic its not surprising that some newly qualified drivers choose not to tackle these main roads.

SJP can offer everyone that is newly qualified the PASS PLUS route to further your driving skills (see link below) for £120, or even just giving you motorway lessons to get you over the initial concerns, 2 hours will see you travel from Leicester to Coventry, then on towards Birmingham, past Tamworth then onto East Midlands airport and finally back to Leicester. During this time we encounter various driving conditions and lane changes - giving the new driver a good solid foundation from which to develope their skills to become confident and consciencious driver.   THIS FOR ONLY £40

SJP also take the time to take drivers who want to 'brush' up on their driving experience so that they feel more at ease with todays heavy congestion and some times confusing road signs and markings. It really doesn't matter what age you are, we can sit alongside you in your own vehicle (weight restrictions apply) so that you are totally comfortable whilst gaining quality advice to get the most out of your driving experience.   £23 PERHOUR

call or text on: 07759 662220 or 07536 021740


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