SJP Driving School

The DSA are wanting all driving instructors (you have to be registered with the DSA to charge for driving lessons) to have their grade and 'Pass Rate' listed on a website.

It is very difficult to assess a true pass rate;

'How many pupils do you teach that pass first time...?'

'How many of your pupils actually pass the test......?'

'How many lessons do you think I'll need to pass...?'

These are all questions that you could ask,at SJP there have been pupils that have passed after just 5 lessons - some take up to 80 ! A lot of pupils pass first time - some with less than 5 minor faults - some don't even get any faults ! But ultimately those who want to drive will pass the test, it might take more or less tests than their friends.

SJP take the view that with committment anyone can drive, ultimately the choice is yours and even if you start with one instructor there is no reason why you cannot change if you are not happy - for what ever reason.

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