SJP Driving School

The new part of the driving test was introduced on Monday the 4th December 2017, this is to include a number of changes, this is to try to help in the training of 'real life experiences' whilst learning to drive and pass your test.

The duration of the test will remain the same, however, the manoeuvres that you might be asked to execute will be one or more of the following;

Driving into a parking bay

Reversing into a parking bay

Parallel parking

Emergency stop

The examiner can ask you to go into a general car park, they will then identify an area suitable for you to either 'drive into' or 'reverse into' a bay, this will normally be where there are a number of free spaces.

The Parallel park and Emergency stop will stay the same as they are now.

One key change to the test is that a number of candidates will be asked to pull over on the right hand side of the road and to pull up behind a parked vehicle. then asked to reverse approximately 2 car lengths staying reasonably close to the kerb, and then to move away when it is safe to do so.

On the test presently you have a 10 minute independent drive, this has altered so that you might have to follow a Sat Nav to a specific destination - this is something that at SJP we have trained our pupils in for many years now.

You will also be asked to show how you would use a control within the car, such as the windscreen wipers or the heater controls whilst you are driving.

At SJP we have never used the 'test route' directions to teach our pupils, as continuously driving along the same roads that you would use on a test does not necessarily make you a good driver- in our opinion it means that you can pass your test, but may not have the skills or confidence to drive outside of the test area - no good if you live in Leicester and want to drive for a holiday to Skegness.

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