SJP Driving School

It is not cheap or easy to learn to drive, so SJP strives to make each and every lesson enjoyable and educational so that the pupil gets value for money and learns at a pace and level that they feel comfortable with.

We, as other instructors do, get learners from other driving schools that feel they are not being guided in the right direction for their own individual needs, and that they have come to a static point in their learning. At SJP the individuals needs are assessed and then directly targeted so that they can progress towards the test and become a driver for life.

If you are not happy with your progress, it is critical that you let your instructor know, if you feel uncomfortable in your current situation SJP can assist by having a lesson with you - to give you an honest and frank report about your skills so that you can either change instructors or speak about your issues with your current one.

A driver for life is one that will allow themselves to continually learn by experience and become better with each day on the open road, so that they develop skills throughout their driving career.

SJP believe that every pupil teaches the instructor a little more about the way in which people learn to drive, allowing the instructor to use the skills learnt to teach one pupil to teach another. 

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